Philosophy: "The love of wisdom."

Geek Philosophy: "The love of geeky wisdom." 

Our videos, designs, and products are inspired by the genres we love - everything that keeps us talking, laughing, and discussing “Geek Philosophy.”

Some of our favorite examples of geeky wisdom...

About Us

We started in 2020 to share a few things that make us happy, and we hope to make others happy along the way!

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YouTube Channel

Just a little Geek Philosophy about D&D, Critical Role, and other TTRPGs. We also share our own actual-play games!

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Geek Philosophy started with our Etsy Shop! We've got gaming accessories, stickers, and even jewelry available!

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Want to join us in the Critical Café? Pick up one of our mugs or t-shirts - we've got a little something for everyone!

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